September 1, 2009

*RUMOR control*

As we've all learned from our high school days, rumors can be very damaging to people. There's been a few rumors buzzing around twitter in the last few weeks and i figured you guys should be aware of them.
-Rob's gonna be a daddy, well this isn't so much a rumor, a magazine's taken bet on the next bachelor to become a dad and they say based on Robsten's relationship rob's their sure choice. Now i might be drunk, tipsy or whatever but i don't remember hearing Robsten confirmed. We don't now they're dating or sexing so have is that even a possibility, I swear the things people think up.
-Robsten's engaged, won't even bother addressing this cause it's a waste of time.
-Tania was gonna be in eclipse and she would be played by some slutty looking chick.
-Since Kstew wasn't at the dinner, someone-splash news-started a rumor that she was out with Michael- her ex or current BF or what ever the hell he is. The weird thing is the fool wasn't even in Canada.
-Kiowa Gordon aka Embry/Cameron Bright aka Alec has a twitter, until these pages get confirmed i won't believe it, what makes their page any different from the weirdos tweeting saying they're Nikki reed or Taylor lautner or even Rpattz.

****Did we miss a rumor you heard that you'd like clear up? Is there a new/old rumor you know about that we forgot to add? don't hesitate to tell us!

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