September 27, 2009

Vampire Diaries Ep. 3

This week marked the third episode of VD-don't you just love VD is a disease is turning into a good show....a permanent show thanks to rising number of viewers-The Vampire Diaries book might have been before the Twilight book how ever the movie was first and the producers seem to have no problem using the movie as a manual. This week was the beginning of the love triangle or an attempted one. I noticed i could never get into the books but i seem to have no problem getting into the show hmmm wonder why???

don't you just want to climb on......such bad thoughts, all rushing through my head, all at once

that body.....the bad thoughts keep returning

you can't tell me see this doesn't make you wonder what it would be like to wake up beside him every morning!
don't get me wrong i'm Rpattz for life but if men can have wandering eyes then so can i! Drool a little more by clicking here
***A big Thank you to everyone for the #FF on twitter, we never want to forget to thank anyone for supporting us

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  1. this has nothing to do with twilight.. but i did watch this episode this morning! lol i keep camparing VD to Twilight.. and it cant compare.. except i like the good vampire in VD-- well he's really cute.

    p.s. this is Twihershey.. i just dont feel like signing in =)



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