September 29, 2009

3 NEW NM posters!!!

So I was breifly looking around at and found these super cool posters!!! Word is that these are *Offical*!?! [if thats not correct, just let me know... too tired to try to research it now =) ] Below are the 3 posters for your viewing pleasure! Which do you like best?? Are you mad (or laughing, like me) that they used the unporportioned pic of Bella& Edward? -(his claw" is out too! lmao!!) I dont really like how the Cullen posters has each person looking diff ways. Its obvious they took their pics individually and merged them into the one poster. Can I suggest for Eclipse, Summit... TAKE ONE GROUP PICTURE! that will look less cheap and messy. Cause with the Twilight Poster and not this one, there's always one Cullen looking in a diff direction and thats not cute... sorrie for the babble.. enjoy!!

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