September 27, 2009

Saturday nights' cast dinner

While i was out getting sh*t faced last night the twilight cast apparently had the same idea, they went to a steakhouse from what i read-hungover so i might not be the best source-it was in celebration of director David Slade's b-day the irony is he was still working, he didn't even go so i think they were stressed and just want a reason to me. While people were arguing about who tipped off the paps someone spotted Rob and Kstew getting in a cab but there were no photos taken-can i just say how much i love this because if they are a couple they finally got a decent date night alone with no witnesses as long as they stayed off the street that is-there were photos of the rest of the cast and Stephenie Meyer-is it me or has she been in Vancity for a while? i thought she had kids and a man? she's turning into a real party girl go getter from concerts to parties, she must be checking up on David, i will say she has my full support everyone needs a little escape from their reality.

he's married, he's married, he's married, just gotta keep reminding myself


k-lutz, well dressed as always, might i say clothes never looked so good....
Taylor was also spotted at LAX on his way back to the crazies

This is the entire gallery

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