September 29, 2009

Does Kristen Stewart want it?

Kstew hasn't been very happy lately and it shows in all her photos. I was browsing the other day-yes heffa i admit i wasn't packing, i got tired god damn it and i knew you were studying-anyways i found a lot of pics of her and she's really beautiful which made me realize we don't post enough of her on here, some what out of respect because we know she hates the lime light-Rob does too but he's too irresistible to not have on here-besides Rob has sad face, kstew has bitch face which is by far more powerful, you just wanna hug him but with kstew you always gotta wonder in the back of your mind if she might be packing heat.

she not only looks good in magazines, she's gorgeous on the daily

Maybe it's true, Kristen wants it! wondering what "it" is click here, this hot mess of a blogger explains it all in hilariously long detail.

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