September 29, 2009

Twi-Tour merch

Can't make it to Twi-Tour?? Or is the TwiTour not stopping in your town??! Creations Entertainment doesn't want you to worry!! They've realized that they can make an even larger profit AND make all Twihards happy at the same time! They just added various Twilight merchandise for you to order. They have shirts, glossy 8x10 photos [the official shots & movie stills] of ALL characters- Culllen fam, wolf pack, Volturi, the 'bad' vampires too! Go here to check out what they have and buy to your hearts desire!!

P.s. Um is it me or do the guy who play Marcus look like the Ooz guy from the Power Rangers movie (1995)-- just sayin...

sorrie... no time to post pics i'm at school =( i'll try to update later though!

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