September 27, 2009

How twilight has help change the world...

Well, technically it hasn't really changed the world. It made more girls/women believe in mythical creatures! What other book/movie series has done that?! None I can think of thats for sure!! But as I sit here watching Finding Nemo it occured to me-- Twilight has influenced a LOT of other shows/books/songs/ etc! here's a quick list of some of the ways Twilight has had an impact on other generes of entertainment.. and it has streached far and wide!!

1) While I'm watching Disney this has to be first- Wizards of Waverly Place- their whole Wizards vs. Vampires 4 part series?! If that doesnt SCREAM Twilight I dont know what does... that and the fact the Ms Selena Gomez is all buddy-buddy with Taylor [they'd be sooo cute 2gether..] I dont wanna explain these episode.. find em on YouTube or but basically the Russo Family [they're wizards] have to deal with a new family in town. (they're the vampires(. Its cheesy cause its Disney, but somehow captured my attention due to the vampire incorpartion and now i kinda sorta watch this show... ::hangs head in shame::

2) Vampire Diaries- Kim has mentioned this *numerous* times before.. but the ONLY reason this show was created or even became a hit is due to Twilight. Now I'm not saying its not a good show.. but it's different from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was the only vampire related show out during my pre-teen/early teen years. and basically 10 years of technology makes a HUGE difference in television! Plus VD was written... 18 years ago!! Those books are the same age as one of my nieces!! So I'm just assuming after the success of Twilight they decided to reinvent VD.. I guess Buffy wasn't inspiration ennough?

3) True Blood-- I've only seen 1 episode and couldnt get into it... a vampire show "for adults' ummm i just dont get it.. from the 10 minutes I've watched it just looks wierd... so i have to pass on this show.
*Twiremedy~It's like the R-rated version of Twilight with non-stop orgies and while orgies can never be a bad thing this show's damn weird, besides Sookie and that accent has got to go, she reminds me of trailer trash...i think of her and i see Miley Cyrus pole dancing meshed into one.

4) The outbreak of Vampire-related books. I was in Wal-Mart in Long Beach (CA) a few months back and saw like 3 or 4 different series of Vampire books! Maybe i've been oblivious to these types of book or Young Adult labled books in general but it just seems crazy. However, I do understand that everyone is trying to Milk the Twilight cow for all they can!

5) BFF-Kim brought it to my attention a few weeks back about a video clip she saw on apparenty the Twilight movie has influences a hip-hop heavy weight!From the clip [which i will have to find later] Timbaland claims the movie helped to influence some of the recent music he's been working on! WTF? really? I didnt see anything wrong w/ the last album he had OR all he colabo's with [my future-baby-daddy] JTimberlake... hmm guess everyone one wants a lil taste of the vampire world?

6)Shakira "She-Wolf" I still don't fully understand or like this song.. but after the VMAs where she was paired up with none other than Taylor, to present an award, it makes you wonder, well me at least, if her song has anything to do with the Twilight Saga. And their lil wolf joke made me wonder even more! "Every good She-Wolf needs a werewolf" <-- haha my lil Tay was totally hittin on Shakira!

7) All the Twilight inspired fan-bands we all know about them! we've seen their websites, youtube videos, their interviews on Reelz TV... We all have our fav little groups, songs, etc. Their like mini celebs within the Twilight fandom! So no other details are really necessary, right? Right!

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