August 17, 2009

Robsten..are they or aren't they??? to be honest...who cares?

I promised myself that i wouldn't write a blog about this crap. I love Twilight as much as any fan out there however, when crap starts clogging up my twitter i guess i have no choice but to respond. People everywhere seem to have nothing better to do than analyze the pics of RPattz and KStew from saturday night, seriously ppl? really?. It's been almost 24hrs since there pics went viral and they've stirred up countless debates and polls, polls? does it really matter if they're dating, sexing or nothing at all?, it's THEIR business. To make it even worst people are already talking about "if" they break up and the effect it will have on the movies...let's be real ppl you haven't confirmed they're dating, i repeat YOU HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THEY ARE DATING so why the hell are you already talking about the end of a relationship that hasn't even begun. Please can we all go back to our normal lives and talk about things that matter like Eclipse filming today!!
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is this necessary? pics taken from pattinsonanonymous and to top it off there are other websites out there with similar comparisons.

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