August 21, 2009

In other TwiNews...*this article might contain words of a sexual nature (at the end TwiPervs) which some ppl find offensive

I see we somehow managed to sell out all the life size Edward wall decal aka that creepy looking thing on your wall looking back at you. (don't lie you already bought it and mounted! it's too late now to return it just don't tell anyone about it, except me that is :))
Edward Cullen Life Size Twilight Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal
why are you TwiHards to crazy??? WE ARE IN A RECESSION!!! stop wasting money, that thing is creepy and if you feel like you have too much money you can always donate some my way.......> *winky**wink* can you imagine being alone in the dark with that thing..........................which bring us to our next topic
I've spent the last 24hrs thinking whether or not i should inform you guys about this and i've made my decision so here goes~I'm told there's a twidildo excuse me a sexual toy based on twilight but is in no way affiliated with it because they are trying not to get sued. The thing sparles ppl, sparkles, appearently they also want you to freeze it???? to be more like edward i'm guessing.....ewwww even creepier. If that didn't make you quit reading our blog you can find more info here, it's actually a funny article esp if your in need of a good laugh, it's so worth the read.
sparkle lmao

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