August 20, 2009

Necessary fix! Twilighters on TV

Okay if you're like me, all these Twilight Saga rumors are getting OLD.

-- The stalkerazzi not letting our precious Eclipse stars breathe [although I don't mind those hott Kellan photos of him jogging ;) ]
-- Robsten 2gether or not 2gether
-- Where are the Eclipse stars shopping now
-- Kristen wig/extension/hair issues
-- Who's to play the newest characters introduced in Eclipse
-- Where are the 'top secret' Eclipse sets being filmed

So to get all you hard core twilighters through the next 3 months before we see NM, and possibly new interviews from the stars, I have made up a nice little list of other films/TV shows that our favorite vampires (and werewolfs) can be seen in. For the one's i've seen i'll post a small commentary. I'm sure some of the movies you've already seen, but check em out again. Its kinda cute/funny to see how your fav Twilighter has changed since exploding into a super huge mega-star! Feel free to post comments or other movies I may have left off.

Kristen Stewart
* Into The Wild
[after watching it a second time, this movie was really sad. its a true story about a guy named Chris who dettached himself from society and travels to alaska by hiking, climbing, siwmming; basically does it out in the wilderness. KStew doesn show up til the later part of the film. She plays a young musician that Chris sees play while at some festival. KStew looks really diff in this film in comparison to how she dresses in other movies. it's a real interesting story if you can look past the fact the film scenery is repetative]

*In The Land Of Women
[this is kind of a sad movie... Kris plays Meg Ryan's character's oldest daughter who falls for Adam Brody's character. in the movie Meg Ryan's character has cancer and it showcases the struggle she goes through when telling her family and as she develops a relationship of sorts with Adam Brody's character]

[twhen i originally saw this movie, it was before Twilight. so i re-watched it after learning KStew was in it. she doesnt show up until the VERY end... literally the last 15 mins. lol so its hard to say if her acting was good or not.. she had all of 3 lines... and then looked really evil-like at Hayden Christenson. so yea.. check it out its a good movie regardless]

*The Cake Eaters
[i havent seen this movie, but its an indie film and it was at the video store when i went yesterday.. so if anyone has seen it, let me know how it was! ]
[ i never saw this movie, but read about it on wikipedia... seems like an interesting movie]

Rob Pattinson
* Harry Potter [i am by no means i fan of HP. i never had an interest in the books, and after watchin parts of this movie, yes i sat through close to 45 mins of this movie for Rob - and FYI he's not even my fav Twilight guy. but his part is kinda small, his words are few and he looks super young, even for 18 - and i only know how old he was cause we're the same age =) ]

Taylor Lautner
* The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl
[so when this movie originally appeared on Disney i didnt watch it because I was like 19 at the time and was 'too old' for Disney. lol But it came on about a month ago, and i checked it out to see what my Fav wolf looked like. i was too shocked/disturbed to watch the entire movie. Taylor was about 12 when this movie was made!!! ahhh it made thinking of him as a hottie now even more disturbing! LoL but he was an adorable little kid. ]

*Cheaper by the Dozen 2
[ i haven't seen this movie, only the 1st one. not sure if Taylor was in the first one... but either way he was young and adorable. ]

Peter Fecinelli
* Fast Lane
[does anyone beside me remember this show? Bill Bellamy and Tiffani-Amber Thessian were both in it. i like this show. I'm sure somewhere in the world of YouTube you can find clips]
*Nurse Jackie
[we alll know about this one! probably the only recent twilight-fix we have available!]
*Can't Hardly Wait
[so this movie was on MTV last week and decided to watch a bit of it, mainly because i never watched much of it when it originally came out. To my surprise i see our very own Peter paying a H.S. student running drunk around a house party after Jennifer Love Hewitt. Peter looks SUPER young!!!]

Kellan Lutz
[i'm a 90210-watcher and Kellan did a pretty good job in his few-episodes run in the most popular zip code on TV]
* Prom Night
[Kellan's role in the film was kinda small, but he looked adorable all dressed up in his prom tux. he play the boyfriend to a girl thats running for Prom Queen. ]
* Accepted
[ i originally watched this movie because Colombus Short was in it, so i dont remember Kellan's part... =/ im sure it will run on cable again and when it does i will deff check out my fav Vampire!! ]

Nikki Reed
* Thirteen
[yep, i'm sure many of us have seen this also. Sadly Nikki's life wasnt all peachy, but look at her now! LoL.. I havent seen this movie since the year it came out. Back then i thought it wasnt too bad soo check it out]

* Cherry Crush
[i saw this on some cable channel a few weeks back. It wasnt that interesting to me; didnt watch the whole thing. i was going to try to type a summary but realized i cant since i didnt watch the entire movie. but check it out for your self!]

Ashley Greene
[Ashley did a lot of TV shows prior to doing Twilight- Punk'd, Crossing Jordan, Shark, etc So for clips of those episdoes you can probably find them on YouTube. but we should be seeing Ashley in more films within the next year! So be on the look out! ]

Jackson Rathbone
* Criminal Minds
[i found some video on YouTube; the episode Jackson did aired eariler this year... i havent seen it so i cant comment much on it. but Criminal Minds is a good show, especilly if you're into the crime shows. Re-run come one A&E and CBS sooo be on the lookout!]
* The OC
[i was shocked when i saw clips of Jackson on The OC! Lucky for me i have to whole season, so i will deff check up on his guest-starring role. not sure of the exact episode title, but its from season 3; Marissa's little sister comes home from Boarding school and some dude is looking for her... basically Jackson plays that boys older brother]

Billy Burke
* Untraceable
[ i've seen this movie numerous times before ad didnt recognize Billy... mainly because that was prior to being exposed to Twilight. But the movie is about a group of cops that hunt down the person that's hacking into computer systems and then sets up a psycho website that kills his victims based on the number of people viewing the sit. Overall Billy does a really great job in this film]

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  1. If you haven't seen speak you need to!! Kristen plays a young girl who gets raped at a party and it turns out the creep goes to her school. The movie's about finding your voice, we all know how hard that can be esp as fresh meat when no one seems to hear or see you. This is one of the best movies I've seen and i saw it about five years ago and the details are still fresh!!



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