August 22, 2009

A Blast From The Past

As I was looking around the internet I stumbled upon these lovely photos/article! And I'm so glad I did!!! InStyle magazine's website has various Twilight related articles and interviews. The cutest one thus far has to be this one.... high school [and middle school] photos of some of our fav Twilight stars. check out how these well know rising stars looks just a few years ago! Don't some of them look the same? Heck they all do! Make sure you go to InStyle's website for all the info they collected!!
he looks every bit of 14 here!
"awwwww" is the only thing that comes to mind
KStew- 7th grade

Ashley looks a little diff but still pretty!

Wooooo Hott stuff! hahaha...
he's only gotten hotter since his high school days

Nikki looks the same here- freshman year
-- Nicole

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