August 21, 2009

What do I spy with my little blind eye????

Is that rachelle I see on the set of Eclipse......oh wait it's Bryce! I had to show everyone the amazing picture of Bryce Dallas Howard aka Victoria part deux aka Rachelle's replacement aka never gonna happen!!!. Here's a good letter for ya~Dear summit, if your so happy with Bryce why the hell did you decide to dress her up like a walking Rachelle doll?? Sincerely, Twiremedy/Twihards. Can you believe the imposter, i mean really, i was going to give her a chance and let her become Victoria in her own way but why would they do this to her?
I swear its like trying to make her something she's not, its weird looking at her. I understand they offered her the part first but she had the nerve to turn it down because it was such a small part, guess she didn't see the three movie deal and the fact that her part grew with every movie!!! No, no summit, i said no, no! she's really not gonna do it for me sry summit.

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