August 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS that Ashley walking her dog???

Listen people I've spent the last week reminding you not to believe everything you see. Now I'm gonna ask you once again to stop the unnecessary tweets. I know, I know this goes against everything twitter stands for but do we really need fifty blogs posting about Ashley walking her dog or Kellan shopping in Vancouver for the hundredth time this week??? I'll take your silence as a hearty no!!! maybe we can keep the Kellan news coming because any pics of that man no matter how lame still makes us a little light headed........

Let me remind you there are more news worthy topics out there like the rumors of Vanessa Hudgeons almost role in eclipse, thanks god for that break!!! bandslam says it all. Jackson has a new haircut!!! Team Jackson anyone??? yes i have a new team every week but that's because the Cullen men never fail to dazzle me!!

We also had a few magazines fabricating stories about our RPattz, according to few wrapping papers our Rob has been giving "exclusive" interviews about his personal life last week but wait wasn't Rob in hiding all last week? unless you count those pics from this weekend that you splashed all over the net. So let's sum up this week in the land of Rob...on mon he was engaged, on tues he was moving in with KStew and today he's single. He must be really bipolar or it's all crap!!
*In more exciting news* our daily crack says they're finally working out the details for Breaking Dawn. It hasn't been confirmed what scenes will survive but to my dismay there will be no R-rating which means Isle Esme might not make it into the movie~yes that was my favorite part of that book and the only reason for reading it~don't deny it you feel the same way too! I hope they make it better than the book though because it was disappointing, to me at least and that's what counts *wink*.

*Dear TwiHards don't email me about this comment, i was stating my opinion, you're welcome to your own. Breaking Dawn did not live up to New Moon or Eclipse just stating the facts and no I'm not the new Lainey even though she's hilarious!!! let the anger commence......

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