November 8, 2009

Catherine Hardwick: the original couger

just for one night but she's not allowed within 5ft of a video camera, I don't want her any where near our movies, just set her loose and she'll take care of the rest. I will be the first to publicly admit i miss the coug, Rob might have said the same thing privately.
the coug is the ish!
Thinking about Japan made me realize it was so uneventful, why you might ask? did Chris rub against Rob? no, no he didn't in fact the dilf that is Chris held his own against the smiley one, I know, right? many have tried, so many failed.

touch it Chris, i know you want to,!
We can't let Rob go through these promotions with out being inappropriately groped.....there was that one man in the airport but he was no Cathy he was way too open about it.
me thinks he touched me arse
She's more secretive but not so secretive, there was an art to Cathy's grope but there's no shame in her game.

she can turn the gay, straight...she's got game
Where's Cathy?  If any one sees her tell her Twiremedy is looking for her....Rob's arse might be hiding from her. I'm banking on Nov. 16, someone tells her Chris did a better job than she did and he's gonna remake Twilight so she forces herself into Rob's arms and Jackpot.....the Coug is back!

he bores me, this could be you Rob....feeling lucky?

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