November 8, 2009

Would you like to see us make complete asses of ourselves????*updated*

Remember me premiere has been pushed back to March 2010 due to Rob's upcoming filming schedule and his availability as a result the competition has been halted. Remember will premiere in February 2010 which i will not see until i watch Remember me....i'm devoted what can i say? Due to this unforseen outcome we're trying to come up with another Edward vs. Jacob competition. Check often so you don't miss the deets!

We do it all for the love of Twilight and you guys of course!
Have you noticed our poll?? if you didn't before it's too late cause now it's gone :( Remember me was winning too....i almost had Twihershey wearing the pattinson pants.


  1. first off. i said i would wear a SHIRT! not the freakin' Pattinson Pants last outfits! Did u forget KELLAN will be at TwiTour LA?!?! Yea.. i refuse to [possilby] look retarded in front of Kellan Bear. If you only get a shirt... i only get a shirt!

  2. ummm why did the 'update' post my old comment?! haha



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