November 6, 2009

Summit sucks...will New Moon suck?

The Rob, Chris, Kristen and Taylor being separated caused me to forget a lot of important things this week. I feel like i'm blogging twice as much since one group decided to go to Japan and one group went to Mexico. LA gets the movie premiere before any one else will, you would think they'd want to start promotions here but no let's fly them around the world the day after they finished filming another movie.

  • Summit sucks ass but i think you already know that much
  • The cast seems to be flying everywhere from here to Timbuktu this month which makes me wonder what they'll do for Eclipse.....a world wide press tour city by city!
  • I didn't realize how much their scheduling sucked until i noticed the cast was booked everywhere
  • Rachelle Lafevre confirmed she will be attending the premiere here in LA
  • *spoiler*The first proposal will be in the end of New Moon, the second full proposal will be in Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn is still unconfirmed
Even though they don't know how to promote this movie right, they did hire the right people and the great reviews from people who saw this movie is a sign New Moon will not suck. one last but of info:
  • On Nov. 16 for one night only i will become a pap, nothing camera in one hand, digital camera in the other with Eclipse between my legs and a pen in mouth. I'm a mutitasker baby but i'm not crazy so let's hope nothing goes wrong and i don't have to go bitch mode on a few twihards
Here are some new New Moon pics....well they were new yesterday.

    ooops forgot jacob, he needed a boost, sorry bud didn't see ya all the way down there.


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