November 9, 2009

The volturi go to homecoming?!

guess who's back?!?! Since TwiRemedy has lack of a computer.. i figured i'd be nice and come off my Twilight hiatus.. but i must say i got a lot done while on that mini-break. there was one twi-related event that occured about 1 1/2 weeks ago and twiremedy failed to mention bucasue well, it didnt involve rob. but since i have a little bit more love for the cast aside from kellan bear and jailbait, i'm going to post this!

Around Octocber 30, shortly after wrapping NM many of the twilight cast went back to their daily lives: sleeping, spending time with friends, shopping and even homecoming for one pparticular Volturri guard. Yep, little Dakota Fanning went straight back to school where she's a cheerleader. AND she was elected Homecoming Princess!! I'm sure there are some who probably think she only was eected for homecoming becasue she famous... but i really dont see how that matters.... her classmates voted and their voices were heard! lol... so yea, here's a few pics of Dakota at the game. Congrats to her!

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