November 13, 2009

exclusive first look: Rob and Kristen's Twilight audition~what they didn't want you to see

Apparently MTV found the never before seen Robsten audition tape, well guess what Twihards....i found the audio! or did i? As we all know Rob was super nervous before auditioning for Twilight, he took half a valium to relax and then Cathy had them act out the kissing scene on her bed:
Cathy: ok Rob, Kristen i think we should start in here,
 Edward goes into Bella's room and they kiss
Rob: we can start there *runs fingers through hair while thinking to himself, i must be one lucky bloke, kisser her will be so much better than kissing a man*
Stew: um, like, yeah that's like way intense you get what i'm saying *nervous laugh* can't we start somewhere else *whispers* he looks a bit um *laugs* the hair?

Cathy: since your nervous would you like me to show you how it's done? *rubs Robs shoulder* you just have to imagine he's the love you've been waiting for *laughs* Rob you have nice arms, i mean you will be a good Edward

Rob: thanks *runs fingers through hair* erm Cathy? your hands seem to be roaming
Stew: maybe i should leave you two alone...

Cathy: you have to show him how much you want him *thinking to herself: the things i could teach him....can't wait to get him alone, in the dressing room. must. touch. him. every. day....stop looking at him Cathy, just kiss him you have a valid excuse*
being the good person that i am i listened to all that mess for you guys, i told you cathy wanted him from day one...that's why she keeps outing them, check back will post more of the audio later....if it even exists.

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