November 12, 2009

New Moon's march on Spain

I heard through the grape vine that is twitter that the crowd started chanting kiss, kiss, kiss. so happy to oblige but they weren't chanting for me to kiss Rob....or the Stew, they wanted them to kiss each other. akward! don't they know Robsten kisses behind closed doors only, like on Cathy's bed.

He's starting to look a little like wolverine and i still don't care. Wolverine's hot, Rob's Hawt!

I'm not worthy, am not worthy, must look away from the gorgeousity that is the Stew

Damn NAAPP, look a Taylor pic....he's starting to look like a wolf. awww he has stubble, Tay tay used him first razor.

bonus Stew cause she own's me right now

apparently they have the day off tomorrow which they will be spending in MADRID, oh how lucky they are.

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