November 10, 2009

the tragic end to my twi-life

Sooo as many of you probably have read.. not too many people in my life know I hooked on twilight.. well they sure have no clue about this blog OR the fact I'm willing to stand amongst a crowd of crazy kids (no offense) to see Kellen, Bronson or even Taylor (only 2 people understand how I adore jailbait!) Sooo it comes to NO freaking surprise that life responsibilities have gotten in my way of yet another Twi event... :'( what was the 1st event you ask?! Only the LA stop of the New Moon promo tour... yea.. just the ENTiRE freaking cast!! So u can imagine my depression when not 1 or 2 but ALL 3 of my fav Twi-men (Kellan bear, Bronson & jailbait for you not paying attention) were in attendance last Friday! Now... omg NOW I have to miss my only other opportunity at meeting the cast this yr.. um yea.. the biggest new moon event aside from the movie itself- the Hollywood/Westwood premiere! AHHHHHHH why!?!? You have no idea how difficult it is for the majority to say "we need to do this on the 16th" and you're the only one drying inside and there's nothing to be done. Sooo yea.. I mean there's both TwiTour AND TwiCon Vegas next year, but idk... who know what may b going on then.. Jailbait won't be there and Kellan Bear (lately) has been backing out of those tours left and flipping right.. but there always Bronson right? All I know.. aside from Nov 19 being the longest day of my life, if ANYTHiNG tries to come in between me and the 12:20 showing of NM I will go crazy and attack- like Jasper did to Bella but there won't be an Edward to stand in my way! Yea I'm still upset... sooo to help myself calm down.. enjoy these pics =)

I love how the pics of the 3 of them, the boys always tower over Kstew..
and is jailbait growing facial hair?! awww
also i believe this will be the cover for an upcoming issue of Entertainment weekly

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