November 13, 2009

NM Cast TV overload

So i was looking at twitter and the official Twilight twitter posted up a few of the cast TV appearences for this upcoming monday. from that i took it upon myself to look up show for the rest of the week.. and my goodness there's a whole lot of twicast before we see NM.. and i probably wont get to watching any of these shows until next weekend!! but since im nice, heres the list of shows i was able to find w/ various twi-cast being interviewed!!! so check these out =)

Monday 11/16
The Ellen Degeneres Show = Dakota Fanning
The Jay Leno Show = Taylor
the Tonight Show w/ Conan O' Brein = KStew
MTV Special 'Twilight Love Bites' 7pm EST [<-- im going out on a limb and assuming this one is about twilight cast?! lol]
MTV News Special New Moon 7:30pm EST

Tuesday 11/17
ummm am i missing something here?! Tuesday is a NM cast-less day?! WTF!

Wednesday 11/18

Regis & Kelly= KStew
David Letterman show= Rob
Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon = KStew

Thursday 11/19
The Today Show= Rob
Regis & Kelly= Rob
Jay Leno Show= Dakota
Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon= Taylor

Friday 11/20
The Today Show = Kellan, Nikki, Taylor
Regis & Kelly= Taylor
Ellen Degeneres Show= Rob
Jimmy Kimmel Live= Taylor, KStew, Rob

WHOA! thats a whole like of New Moon Cast interviews... but i get the feeling that we will hear the same dull questions =/ with the same responces... Taylor will surely discuss is 30 pound weight gain, Rob will tossle his hair and make a joke that will have nearly every girl [except myself] pee their pants, KStew will act a little nervous and possibly say 'um, yea' more than one... Rob and KStew will be asked about their "off set romance".. Taylor will be asked about the country-singing Taylor.. BUT I will say i am looking forward to the Dakota, Kellan and Nikki interviews and who ever Ellen Interviews that will surely be hilarious! If you guys hear of anymore, let me know and i will update!

xoxo- TwiHershey

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