April 5, 2010

Would you buy a Twilight video game???

There's the New Moon board game, Twilight Scene it and the Twilight Virtual world, do we need a Twilight Video game?
Some seem to think the franchise isn't making as much money as it could by opting not to  release a video game. I remember talks of an unofficial video game last year based on the books without the voices of the actors or Summit's approval, i'm not sure if it was ever made. The question still stands would we buy it? speaking for me personally i don't know because i can't imagine it being much fun, the whole game would  probably be about The vamps vs. The wolves it would be a bit boring unless it's a New Moon game similar to the Volvo one with the Voltera maze or something of the sort.
would you buy a Twilight video game?

1 comment:

  1. i would NOT buy.. umm $25 for a video game PLUS $100-$200+ for the game system?? I'll pass.... the video game days ended in 6th grade with Power Rangers and Mortal Combat... good ol days! lol



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