April 9, 2010

April Babies Kick Ass!!

So by now EVERYONE should know that it is KStew's 20th birthday!!! Yay for her!!! Not sure if she's fiming any movies now-a-days.. i would assume she would take a break before the whirl-wind of Eclipse gets here! So again Happy B-day to Kristen!

Sidenote: Today is also Jesse McCarthy's B-day!... and mine is in 9 days!! lmao... I fear that my 'biff' will get me some present or cake that involves Taylor.... =/ i'll be bracing myself and letting you all know what happens next week!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had even an ounce of that relaxed, non-chalant confidence that Kristen seems to have. I guess it comes with being sure of who you are, not compromising and being incredibly beautiful and talented.


    Maybe one day.

    Happy Early Birthday!!!



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