April 6, 2010

TwiCast reflection- Why we heart Mike Newton

Mike Newton.... Even though Bella doesn't like him, we do!! What would Twilight be like w/o Mike?! A little less funny! He, along with Eric, brought us laughter while looking at a movie about mythical creatures [I swear I use that phrase a lot.... all thanks to Steph. Meyer....]. Mike, along with Angela, Jessica, and Eric, reminded us that at the end of it all, Bella is still human- regardless of how much she longed to be a bloodsucker.... Soooo this post is dedicated to Michael Welch, for making Mike Newton come to life!! For making me laugh out loud at Newton's funny jokes, at the way he followed Bella like a puppy, and for the way he called Jake 'weird' after almost getting his face ripped off in New Moon! [the entire movie theater scene was hilarious!]

Couldn't find a funny video, aside from the one I posted HERE.... but i found this pic... which is one of my fav parts of Twilight... and visual reason for why we Y Mike!

How You Likin' Da Rain, Girl?
pic found here --> Annie ♥♫ on Polyvore.com <--

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