April 2, 2010

More Eclipse pics

It's been a longgggg day and i'm tired but I've been lagging like the lazy biotch i am. I miss the biff, she's my twimotivation lol she keeps me blogging....well, her and Rob! that man's pure sex! 88 days to go and counting!!!

It's not a new trailer but it's new pics and Bella's hair keep getting better....i wonder how it's going to translate on June 30? i'm afraid i'll be let down because i'm liking her hair more than i did in Twilight and New Moon, it's looking kinda cute don't you think??? first pic not the second lol

if you bought the right New Moon dvd (all three versions lol) you might have seen this pic, i think it was on the walmart version with all the Eclipse sneak peek.

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