April 8, 2010

What are you willing to do to see the cast of Eclipse??

There's talk of a possible location confirmation for the Eclipse premiere (will let you know when it's actually official). This got me thinking, what are you really willing to do to see the cast?
I'm curious to see how far some will actually go this time around, people might be getting the idea to camp out there for more than a week which will be interesting. If they're right and the premiere is in Hollywood, i wouldn't suggest being out there all night. After a certain time it seems like all the normal people go home and it gets crazy....like pee on you kinda crazy.

Personally i wouldn't be willing to dedicate more than two days camping over night on the street 1) cause i'm a girl and my momma taught me to always wash my cooch, after two days i think she'd come find me. 2) if you spend more than two days on the street you might as well stay permanently because you'll be on a first name basis with every bum and street walker.

You. have. been. warned! lol

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