April 6, 2010

What are you planning for the Eclipse premiere???

It's rumored the Eclipse premiere could be happening as early as June 24!
being the twihard that i am, i planned ahead (chose my vacation the week before Eclipse hits theaters not the week of!). If your paying attention that means i have an entire week to F-off and act a fool twistyle (yes i'll be having that one trademarked).

I've been trying to figure out how well behaved i really want to be......I could go all out and stalk the hell out of that theater until premiere night....in the end that might be really creepy. I really want to do nothing but i don't want to set a bad example :) besides what kind of Twihard would i be if i didn't get a little buck wild. Alcohol will most definitely be involved (it's a requirement in fact) but i'm out of ideas in terms of what to do.

I missed the New Moon premiere due to work and i missed the Twilight premiere because i chose not to listen to my friend and read the books. I missed the hot topic mall tour because i thought you needed those stupid shirts to get in. Basicaly this will be my first time seeing the cast in person and my first time going to any event (assuming everything goes the way i want t to...i'm a bit of a cop-out).

Any suggestions??? i'm open to almost anything (legal and illegal as long as it's not a danger to anyone)

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  1. OMG, If the Eclipse Premiere could be as easrly as 6/24, I will totally be in L.A. then!!!

    I shouldn't get my hopes up...I might leave before it ever happens...

    That would be freakin awesome if I could somehow fandangle my way to it. If not, I will be headed to the midnight showing back in D.C. with my fellow Twi-hard friends Courtney and April.



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