April 12, 2010

First it was Rob and Kristen, now there's Anna and the "conversation" after

Love Edward, love Rob even more but i didn't love Bel Ami pics. That should mean a lot coming from me because i can never get enough Rob. Don't get me wrong Rob looks panty dropping hot in those pics but i was losing it.

I know i enjoyed Remember Me as much as i did because i didn't know too much about it. I read the Twilight books so i know what will happen, they can't surprise me but i haven't even read Bel Ami.  I was extremely happy when i realized they might be done filming then i saw this.
The funny this is on Thursday i told TwiHershey "i wonder where Kristen's spending her B-day?" i even thought the pics might have been old lol now Anna has her own "are they, aren't they" thing going.

I can so see Anna and Kristen having the "no, you need to tell them first, you've been dating longer" conversation. I can also see the conversation with Summit "it was in your contract to keep it in your pants and out of the press til the end of BD? well, what happened?"

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