March 8, 2010

The Twistars at the Oscars where Kristen Stewart stole the carpet

yes Taylor Lautner was there, yes Anna Kendrick was there (she was also nominated for an award) and they all looked good in their own right but Kristen stole the show. Anna's dress was beautiful and while i may be biased in my choice, pink is never my choice of color for anything, I've never liked the color. Kristen went to the Oscars looking amazing, which isn't surprising at all. When i saw her on the carpet i showed her photo to everyone in the room! She's proven so many times she's a star, she really can do anything if she really wants to. From jeans and t-shirt to a beautiful dress, when worn kstew style, your guaranteed to be blown away! She's a diverse real risk taker with a nice personality, that's what makes her such a bad ass.

The look! it's too advanced to be considered just "bitch face" any more lol can you say premiere bitch face at it's finest?

*While we're on the subject can someone explain why New Moon was shown in horror montage? Is that why Kristen and Taylor presented that crap lovely show of respect?*

any who, one more of the Stew for blowing us away completely.

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  1. I honestly cannot decide who looks more georgous--Anna or Kristen. I love that dark smoldering blue that Kristen rocked, but I also loved the sweet ultra-feminine gown Anna wore.

    I think they are just in two different arenas with their dress.

    Wish I actually had time to watch the Oscars...stupid college.



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