March 10, 2010

X: Kellan marks the spot

So yesterday this lovely piece of art was released to the world! Mr Kellan Lutz, Mehcad Brooks [from True Blood, which I will now start to watch] and 2 other nice looking men tease us! lmao... I don't know how else to say it. Just remember that X marks the spot... and I won't even go into the subject of what the spot is!!! Okay I'll shut up now so we can all drool!


  1. You haven't seen True Blood yet??!!!

    *jaw drops* Seriously, I thought you of all people would have been a TB fanatic.

    It's like Twilight only the X-rated version.

  2. haha!! i've only seen like half of 1 episode and i was like "wtf is this?" and didnt turn back.... then my mom cancel Showtime.. or whatev channel that comes one. NOW i will search for some of those old eps



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