March 12, 2010

TwiTour LA

So TwiTours hits Los Angeles this weekend... and neither myself or TwiRemedy are going. Although I am VERY tempted to go Sunday to see Kellan Bear and have him sign one of his yummy Calvin Klein Ads!!! To those who have gone to TwiTour or those going this weekend: Have fun! I *may* sneak over Sunday... just to see Kellan Bear! I mean that man is hott enough for me to trek across LA on the bus to see him =)

I hope that if I don't go, i dont end up regreting it... but I have other things to do that are much more important than being a TwiHard... life duties are calling.... I'm starting to get the feeling that not too many people are amped about TwiTour.. at least according to the poll.. Maybe its a waste of time and mony?! Maybe fans really want to see Taylor, KStrew and/or Rob... idk.. what do y'all think?!

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