March 10, 2010

I vow to be an Eclipse virgin!

See no Eclipse Trailer ... Speak no Eclipse Trailer... Hear no Eclipse Trailer

Have I posted this before?! I truely hope not. If so, read it again & comment!! =) So word on the street[internert] is that 2morrow today Summit is releasing a 10-second trailer for Eclipse... which is simply a preview of what will be showing before Remember Me. For once Summit is being smart and promoting 2 movies at once... BUT I personally; will not watch either preview!!!  TwiRemedy thinks I'm bluffing, but I'm sooo serious... just like jailbait when making award show presentations [and y'all know my jailbait gets into serious mode!] There are a few main reasons why I don't want to see the trailers:
  1. Don't want Eclipse to be RUINED due to an overshare of trailers and "sneek peeks".
  2. Don't want to develop expectations for Eclipse just to be let down. Its bad enought when a movie doesn't exactly stick to the book and adds or deletes scenes. It 100% different when a clip makes you think one this will happen and something else does.
  3. I want to save the "OMGs" for June 30th plain and simple... Tay ripping off his shirt.. the kiss scene [Bells & Jake!!!], the school 'potentional fight' scene... Victoria (or lack there of.....) I want ALL of that to be fresh.. I don't want to walk away from Eclipse saying "WTF.. the wolf scene was the same when they showed it on Access Hollywood" <--true story!!
  4. Call me lame or a dork, but I want to focus on school! hahaha Graduating is no joke; yea I have classes to take after May, but until May 26 my focus need to be on the books not the trailers! =/

So to TwiRemedy and the rest of  the TwiLighters in the world: watch the previews if you wish; enjoy them. But don't tell me about them! I don't want to know... and please don't come to me with any complaints about what scene was shown  too often... blah blah, blah! I will probably laugh in your face or say "I told ya so!" =)

Okay, my rant is over.. just wanted to get this out before the trailer is released and TwiRemedy gets post happy! hahaha...

1 comment:

  1. 10 seconds?!! That's all they are vowing to show?

    WTF?!! That's like giving a crack addict a crumb of rock, and then saying...okay no more until this date.

    I wouldn't even want to see it, if its going to be that short. I hate you Summit!!



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