March 6, 2010

17Mag hearts vampires & Ashley's fitness!

So I picked up the recent issue of 17 magazine [i dont even know why... i'm past the teen years but i like most of the content of this mag]... anywho... I'm flipping through the first few pages and came across a picture of Paul Wesley [Setefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries......] So I immedintly flipped right to that page. Why? Well he's the hottest Vampire I've seen since Kellan Bear!! So theres a short & simple little interview with him followed by a comparison of him... or 'Stefan Salvatore vs. Edward [Cullen].... My first reaction was a laugh, cause I can't see how one can compare these to 'vampire characters when its sooo clear which is hotter.. or simply cute in general [.... that would be Stefan ppl.... i'm a wolf girl 100% but i will abandon the Twi-world for Stefan.. Paul Wesley!] ... so yea there's a comparison btwn these two fictional character and I thoguht I'd share...

so the categories were:
- Stefan.. because he can kiss Elana without fear of hurting her.. unlike others of his kind [i.e. Edward]
-.Stefan of course.. don't act surprised!!! My eyes *still* burn at the thought of Edwards shirtless-ness in NM.... eww [sorrie... thats my opinion]
BEST[or least scary] "VAMPING OUT" LOOK
- Edward... Although I highly disagree about the sparkly one, Stefans "vampire" isn't too cute either. The veins under his eyes move like worms!! lol

[side note: so glad 17Mag did this.. I was going to make a post like this wks ago after watching an ep. of VD]

Also in the mag [that seems to be VERY Twilight friendly] was an ecercise section with tips from a lady named Lehua Harrison.. she's Ashley [Greene's] pilates trainer. No since Ms. Ashley is always in good shape, I will def be trying out these exercise tips!!!

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  1. For the Wolf Girl--I saw a HUGE glitter stick-on on a car today (at the mall, where else) that said:

    Werewolves Rule, Vampires Drool!

    And, when I say HUGE I mean HUUUUUGE. As in this stick-on took up most of this chick's back window(I sincerely hope it was a chick driving this sea-green colored Corrolla). So, the Vamps have their bumper stickers, and the Werewolves have their huge over-compensation-for-the-vamp-bumper- sticker car decal LOL



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