March 9, 2010

I'm coming out the Twicloset: i'm Robsessed and proud!

I've been told i'm obsessed, I've been told there an intervention being planned but i don't care because i like the man, crazy hair and all.....there i said it and i'm not ashamed, do your worst! can you really blame me? he's easy on the eyes, he's funny and he has a killer accent. I'm not in London set stalking nor was in in NY last wk at the Remember Me premiere.

I will admit i have a knack of mentioning him, more specifically Twi, in every conversation i've had lately. I went to a crap movie and i got through it by thinking about Twi after the guy mentioned he was from Seattle, it was that or sleep through the entire thing lol. I felt like i need to confess since I've been getting yelled at lately, even though i shouldn't have to explain myself, i have a good eye for men so shoot me!

Any who here's Rob looking oh so good on set of his latest movie which will wrap in mid April-right on time for Eclipse press!

Those pics and the orgy talk makes me want to visit that set, can't wait for Remember Me....what is it, less than 5dys to go?? how many dys til Eclipse??
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  1. Robert is sex on a stick. How ANYONE could not see that is beyond me :)

  2. #1- Shutter Island was NOT crap! you just dont understand

    and #2.....umm Ms T. sorrie hun, but i don't see Rob as Sex on a stick! i try to not put those two words in a sentence 2gether [the words being Rob and Sex] lmao.. he has his *cute* moments.. but thats as far as it goes in my eyes! lol



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