February 28, 2010

Our half-year of Twilight

Most Twilight Fans jumped on board the Twi-cruise in late 2008 or early 2009, if not sooner. But not us, nope, we were late boarders.. missed the first 2 or 3 boats in fact! We missed the New Moon script leak, the first NM preview and the entire press tour. BUT never fail... we didn't miss the boat in June, we jumped on board and never got off! haha... who would have thought that a few days off from work and 1 movie rental would turn into this??

TwiHershey: This mania, as i call it, all started June 2009...I had a few days off work and went to visit 'the vampire lover' while she was at home kinda sick... [im such a good friend, huh? =)] anywho... So we start watching twilight and i cant stop laughing... all of it was funny to me- the gloomy colors, the way Edward eye-balled Bella in Bio class [wtf was up with that?! rude-ass...], Mike Newton and his corny-ness [ex. "Hey Arizona! How you likin' the rain gurl!" ], About 2 or 3 weeks after that 'ms vampire lover' had me sit through twilight w/ the commentary on... omg it was the most grueling 90+ minutes of my life! but it was also funny as hell! Around this same time i first started discovering Twilight fan sites... and then it all went crazy from there. Just from the fact that we thought Catherine Hardwick didnt direct New Moon because Rob got her fired due to her inappropriate comments [i.e. listen to Twilight commentary] , we decided to make a blog on our thoughts of Twilight.. and in the process I realized discovered how gorgeous Kellan Bear is.. as well as Taylor, discovered Ashley has a really good taste in clothes, and KStew is one chic not to F*** with.... you've all seen her bitch face, dont pretend you haven't.

TwiRemedy: Damn it's only been six months? seriously, that's it? after calling that one nonstop for days she finally drags her ass to my place and i forced her to watch Twilight-she's not as great as she says, she didn't even want to watch it can you believe that? [i did too want to watch it... but not after another movie cause Twiligt is like 2 hours!! i knew i' woulda been tooo tired to watch it!] then she had the nerve to tell me she didn't like Edward. That's how the craziness started: one week of nonstop reading, six months of nonstop blogging, two months of nonstop Fanfics and our little hobby's growing. I think i had a life before twi even though i don't really remember it (My DVR was so full i deleted the entire thing lol) twi's worth the lack of sleep/life, I'm just happy we're not the only crazies out there!
**fyi i love Rob's accent and that's why i have no problem watching Twilight with the commentary on :} As for KStew, the bitch face is monumental, it should be apart of history lol I've seen it do amazing things.

this little film started a frenzie!! Haha...I still remeber my friend telling me it was so cheesy and laughing at Cam "hmmm You brought a snack" lol [ps. i love watching old movie trailors... reminds me why i ended up liking a movie.]


  1. you guys have only been doing this for 6 months?

    YOur level of dedication is impressive...I thought for sure you all were there, from the premiere of the first book or something.

    But, I didn't watch Twilight until a couple of months after it went to DVD, so I'm a late boarder too.

    KStew has the ultimate bitchface. In fact, I think the only one that tops is is Nancy Pelosi...that woman could make Satan wet himself.

    Happy half-year Twi-versary!

  2. awww thanks!!!! yep only 6 months old! We were soooo hooked when we got ahold of the books a movie last summer, it was crazy!!



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