March 2, 2010

Did Kristen do what i think she did??

Sorries needed to catch up on a few FF, any who's take a look at his shirt-no not that one, the one underneath

Look what i just happened to find tonight...i think i've seen that shirt somewhere before but i'm not sure where......on Rob maybe? Do you think he's smiling cause he dared her to wear it? or is it because he knew she'd wear it anyway?

Shocking, i know! she probably asked him to bring the damn shirt for her to wear later but his big ass yellow bag was so damn full he had to wear it instead, that's why she's mad, now she's gonna smell like him the entire flight.

Is she wearing the same shirt he wore under his button up to the Remember Me premiere last night? Leave it to the Stew to make an over sized shirt look good. I wonder if they shop together? i bet she chooses things for him that she can wear too! It's not like its the first time she's wore his shirt either, she's been photographed wearing a few tops that look identical to Rob's. Can't really blame her though, i'd want to take the shirt off his back-literally-what? the man's hot. Don't worry, we got the msg loud and clear...he's unavailable :{

all photos via socialite

1 comment:

  1. He's unavailable for right now.

    But he hasn't met me yet. I've ruined couples before I can do it again LOL j/k

    (but maybe a small part of me isn't)



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