February 28, 2010

A tiny Kellan Bear update

Hi all!!! Ahhh I've been sooo MIA from the Twilight world its not even funny. I watched Twilight the other night and fell asleep! lol didn't even get to my fav parts [i.e. "its the flourascents" and "Arizona, how you liking the rain girl!"] So thats not good! Anywho... after browsing the internet and playing catch up, I've discovered a few things:

1) Nightmare on Elm Street [part 5,000- lol]  comes out April 30 and the new trailor has more Kellan Bear.... but I think he dies in this one... I swear the 1st trailor showed him jumping off a roof. But I hope he at least last makes it through the first hour.
and 2) saw this pic on a blog and almost choked from being so shocked.... Chase Crawford, Ryan Philippe and Kellan Bear... how hott is thise?!?!? I want to know where were they! I want to be there!!!
*sorrie again for being soo MIA, its a crazy semester for me.. I'll try to blog during the weekends.. thats when i have the most free time [which still isnt much].  and thanks to all the viewers & voters... we're gettin up there on the Top Sites!!!!!!!!!!!

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