March 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen at the 'Remember Me' premiere

Sooooo, it seems i missed the Remember Me commotion premiere (it was unintentional, i swear! i was stuck at work....yet no matter how much i try to avoid the damn previews they keep popping up on my TV....karma maybe?? Summit's making it very hard for me to remain pure, i made it 3 1/2 months without previews i will survive the last four days damn it! )

dear jebus, i think i died a little inside but Rob what's with the two button down shirts?

It seems Kristen walked the red carpet, well!! where to begin???, honestly i'm not very surprised considering she was already in New York, it's a Summit movie, Eclipse is a little over three months they need the Rob/Kristen drama.....and Rob was there, she needs to support her man. I get they might be into each other but i hope they stay at the after party and drink a little extra goose for me.

I really want to go see Remember Me but i'm gonna have to find a way to miss the previews or else i'm gonna end up watching the Eclipse preview....hmmm decisions, decisions....then again it's Rob so either way it's gonna be good. He did make me want to watch the Today Show this morning, not saying i did, but i did find a pic of him from this morning-that should count for something.

all photos via socialite

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