February 27, 2010

Taylor Lautner's becoming another celebrity type cast

Ever since New Moon mania Taylor Lautner has gotten the leading role in every action movie from here to Timbuktu. Don't get me wrong, he looks good doing it and he's young, it's just obvious they're pushing him into certain roles because of his body. He'll be starring in Abduction-a Bourne Identity type movie, Stretch Armstrong-a movie based on a toy who walks around in swim trunks??? and Max Steel-a movie version of the cartoon (it's been rumored that he dropped this one). I've got a feeling that list will be doubled before the year is over. Before you say it, Valentines Day does count as a type cast because he played a jock.

Rob might have been bitten by the type casting curse as well. He has a role in every romantic movie they could get him to agree to.....like watching Rob on screen could ever be a bad thing. Then again, now that Taylor's legal i might pay to she him in a movie looking like this:

**Nope, can never do a Taylor post without mentioning Rob! suck on that hershey :} fyi never said anything about jumping shit, i'm a ride or die girl lol i'm sticking with Edward....i think all the fandom love got to me.

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  1. awwwwww at first i was like "yay she's doing a post about jailbait and being nice!" then u mentioned Rob.... and went out the window.. then u mentioned Tay looking good.... what drugs r u taking?! u can't switch teams missy!!!

    ohh and our Kellan Bear is being type casted as well... he had those "high school sweetheart/ jock" roles... [i.e. Prom Night, Nightmare on Elm street, the Warrior?] <-- when does that last one come out?!



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