June 12, 2010

TwiTour LA

[Have you all missed me?! I know I've bee soooo MIA.. My apologies for all the Rob posts.... Ms Remedy doesn't seem to realize that there are other men in the Twilight Movies.... shame..]

.. So this little thing called TwiTour went down today in Los Angeles! Just about the entire cast was in attendance... including Taylor, KStew and Rob. Was I there? Nope! WHHAATT? Yep that is correct, I did not attend yet another Twi-Tour and this was like the mother of all TwiTours, or so I was told. For about a good 2 minutes I was regretting not going. But then I realized i'd be surrounded for too many girl screaming and crying and yelling "Rob I love you".. ::gag:: . I would not have been able to handle that one bit and I would hate for a unnecessary fight to break out.... then I wouldn't be able to say "hi" to Taylor... haha

Do I regret not going?! not for a single second! I really feel like I'm slowly getting over this Twilight mania. But rest assured June 30, I will have a date with my nearest movie theater! ;-) I simply can't miss Taylor lookin hott and shirtless.... oooh I can't wait to see how my fave scenes are played out!!!

18 days to go!

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