June 7, 2010

Important Eclipse dates *updated*

  • 5/13 tune in to The Oprah Show to see Kristen, Rob, Taylor & Dakota!
  • pre-order your tickets on Fandango Friday May 14
  • Muse's new single "Neutron Star Collision (Love is forever)" will premiere 5/17
  • Rob on Ellen 5/19
  • "Neutron Star Collison" the video will debut May 20 at 8pm on MTV and VH1 it will also have new Eclipse footage
  • May 27th Eclipse Board Game
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will be available on Saturday June 5 
  • Sunday June 6th at 9pm the MTV Movie Awards
  • Starting at noon on June 7th until July 5thit will also be available The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner online
  • The Eclipse soundtrack will be available June 8
  • The Official Eclipse Convention June 11-13
  • June 23 The cast will be doing a special on Jimmy Kimmel
  • The Eclipse premiere will be June 24 at L.A Live's Nokia Theater during LA Film Fest
  • the Eclipse companion will be available June, 29 same day as the Eclipse Score
  • June 30 Eclipse hits theaters!!
There you have it, please let me know if i missed anything...Will update when more dates are announced.

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