July 6, 2010

Eclipse Thoughts

So we have both seen Eclipse now... Remedy saw it Wednesday while I had to wait til Sunday night!! But that's all beside the point. I'm not sure if any of you are aware but waiting 7 months for a movie and then not seeing any trailers will be the longest 7 months of your life!!!! Somehow i managed, i watched a trailer AFTER i saw the movie.... didn't want anything to be ruined. Even though i was dead tired after a long weekend of work and an even longer week of school and internship.. i managed to run, yes run, to the theater 2 blocks from my house to see Sexy Taylor... i was completely out of breath and missed all the previews by the time I got to the the theater but it was totally worth it.

Parts that were EXACTLY or BETTER how I expected:
  • The Cullens and Wolves chasing stank Victoria in the beginning.... Kellan vs Paul... loved it....
  • Taylor's body
  • the bike scene at the school
  • Edward vs Jacob after Bella 'breaks' her hand.... i almost couldn't understand what those boys were saying because they were literally yelling at the same time.. but it was good to Edward get angry even if his eyes were buggin out of his face! lmao "IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN...words i didn't understand. ...THEN WAIT FOR HER TO SAY THE WORDS" lmao And Papa Charlie's reaction- loved that too
  • TENT SCENE! LOVED IT! "I'm hotter than you" the most truth to come from a fictional story! Tay/Jake is much indeed hotter that Rob/Edward... point. blank. period.
  • the fighting with the wolves and Cullens VS newborns
  • Edward kicking Victoria's ass! Go Edward!! The is the only time i condone a male hitting a female...lol
  • and lil Seth! Good job on devouring Riley.. but did they burn him too?! <-- Unanswered questions on the movie!!!
  • Rosalie's hair and makeup were one point! she looked cute
  • the kiss scenes : #1 was hilarious, #2- EPIC! I foresee that one winning some awards next year... no more Bella & Edward for best kiss until BD comes out
Parts that could've been a little better:
  • Kellan/Emmett hair. its just looked weird
  • Esme's hair.. in the house it looked redish-brown but i swear in the fight scenes it was black ?!?!
  • ummm i HATE Bella's makeup! the brown colors make her look tired and not as cute as she could look,,,,, just saying
  • Victoria.. sorry, but this Bryce chick has bug eyes and looks disgusting.... I wanted Rachelle to come back! and i also hate how Bryce is getting all these damn interviews and her names is being listed among KStew, Rob Taylor and Dakota and "starring". She didn't star in shit... just so u know
over all i give Eclipse 5 out of 4 stars! Best movie.. it didn't skip around too much and left all my fav parts in! Good Job David Slade!

- for those who saw it, what did u thinnk?!?!


  1. I thought it was pretty good. I saw it on Wed at an adults only theatre that served alcohol so it was a win-win situation all around. No twihard children! I liked/disliked all the same stuff you did, I did however think that Bella's reaction to the last convo her and Jake had after he was hurt. There was NO crying, no real sadness or torture. It looked like Bella was only mildly concerned that she was breaking her best friend's heart. WTF.

    Oh, and you know that picture of the cast you've got with Oprah? That should have been me. Seriously, that's a foursome I could 100% get behind (wow, that was a really bad pun, even for me).

  2. You're right, Bella did kinda lack emotional pain.... but i guess thats just how Bella is... Or maybe she was just shocked about the kiss... that was the last time they taled right? Damn i'm forgetting the movie... =/

    lmao @ your comment about
    the "foursome' hhahha nooo comment!



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