May 31, 2010

Rapper 'Romeo' has a role in Breaking Dawn???

This I've been dying to blog about: Romeo-aka Lil Romeo when he was a kid rapper who went to USC to play basketball or as i like to call him USC's free publicity-told MTV he's up for a part in Breaking Dawn.

I know i wanted to wait until after Eclipse to talk about Breaking Dawn but this was too good to many ways.

This fool's already trying to start "team Romeo" even though it's just a "small part" and he can't even confirm if he's got the role. Unless he's playing 'child standing on street Bella drives down on her way to put gas in new bullet proof car' i really don't see him in this movie.

Did he not know the name of the movie he's supposed to be up for? real bad start.....Thoughts anyone?
via MTV

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