June 23, 2010

Twiversary !?

So I just dawned on me today that June 16th marked one full year since Remedy and myself saw Twilight! Now we're one week from Eclipse!! Way too much has happened in the past year since we were first introduced to Twilight. Most noticeable would be this blog! I personally never inteneded to get hooked on Twilight, let alone develop an almost illegal crush on T. Lautner!!! But I'm NONE of us expected to see such a beautiful transformation now did we!? Didn't think so!!

So a year ago I was soo oblivous to anything Twilight related! I would see the tabloids with pics of KStew smoking and didn't understand the fuss! I remember not understanding the hype around Rob, and well I still don't! Haha (but I will admit I like his accent!) I had no intentions of loving those darn books and movies this much! Didn't realize there were thousand of other 20 somethings that loved the series too... Then I saw the 30 and 40 somethings... (Scary) I think last fall I taped every talk show that invited any Twi cast member! Too many hours of late night to remember. Then at some point after New Moon it went down hill! Too many "crazy" fans were being used to represent all of us! The same fans/sites started getting invited to random stuff... Who the heckie did they sleep with, really!? Its not fair!! I then realized that sooo many other 'older' Twi-fans were simply CRAZY! Pics of Tay and Rob on your walls and you're MARRIED? Wtf!? Using your CHILD to get entrance to Twilight events.. Damn shame!

Twi-Tours came and went in L.A. And I had no interest in going! Didn't care that Kellan Bear was there or that my favorite JailBait would actually be in attendance.... At this point I love the movies, love the books! Can't wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn 1 and 2!! But I don't like being linked with the psycho fans that have the tattoos and sleep outside for "see" the cast.... What happened to this just being another good movie series!?.... I kinda miss the old Twilight days...which for me was at the beginning of all the mania!

(And not this is NOT a goodbye post! Just venting my feeling :-) )

*and I'll post again AFTER Eclipse... My feelings may be diff, idk! LOL

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