October 25, 2009

New findings from New Moon: The Book

Started reading New Moon again last night,

 it's actually my first time reading it since i started this blog so about two months give or take a day, its also my third time reading it unless you count reading just the beginning and the end trying to skip Jacob's part (sorry but it was hell reading about Bella having fun with out Edward lol i know i'm certifiable). Where was i...oh yeah, so this time i decided to read it with an open mind and to my surprise it's like reading a new book. Here are some new things i found:

  • I remembered hating Jessica and Laurent, wanting to slap Bella and Angela, I don't know if you noticed this but Angela is Bella in a normal human relationship...she has the human safe boyfriend but she devotes her self to Ben like Bella does to Edward, that might be the reason Edward and Ben got along. 
  • I discovered something else that might also be important (to me any ways) Jacob is Bella's rebound guy, the guy that made you feel safe after a hard breakup, the one who comforted you and brought you back from the edge so you transfer all your feelings from your lost relationship into this new guy and depending on how much you let yourself feel it's an instant relationship or borderline friendship. 
  • I think Jake felt it as well and tried to be everything Bella needed him to be. This is the problem with that type of relationship and the reason they never last: the girl doesn't allow herself to get over the last guy (Edward) so she's still hung up on him, thus being unable to move on. The rebound guy being unable to show his true self, usually stuck in the friend zone, decides to be the best friend she will ever have hoping she will someday realize her mistake and fall for him.
Am i a genius or what? don't you dare say or what! I'm gonna keep reading with an open mind and see what else i find. I will say i'm back to feeling pity for Jacob and a little less hatred for his persistence, I blame Bella and her mixed signals.

This Bella is a no, no...while we're at it, so is this...even though it's more of a HELL NO!
and this
 must i teach you everything?
highly inappropriate
photo source


  1. =) thanks for the overload of jailbait pics.. i never saw pic #3 before?!?!

  2. shut your face, i was having a conversation with Bella, i didn't put them there for you to drool at his painted on abs...ugh, yes they are, he's white, why does his stomach look like the color of my face? duh, make-up)

  3. painted on abs? ummm no i do believe that those r Tay's real ab muscles!! and have u never noticed how tan Tay is?!?!?!?!? am i going to have to post a large amount of Tay pics for you to understand his hottness and tan-ness?!?!



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