October 31, 2009

My [temporary] break-up with Twilight

Sooo lately I've been SUPER busy with school and life... forcing twilight saga to be put on the back burner. That and well Summit has seriously made me angry! I had my little heart set on going to the twi cast tour... this may be my only chance to meet the NM cast.. but summit is being a tight-ass and won't say who is going to be there OR they wait until the last minute to announce who ill be at the LA tour stop but DON'T say what time these tour festivities start [and word around Twitter @ 11:30pm was the line was already 200 deep Grrr]! Do they not know TwiFans have lives? We work? Some have small children (i.e. twi-moms)... long story short.. I have decided to give up all things Twilight! but only for a week... or longer. I need to fully concentrate on the more important things.. cause at the end of it all.. New Moon won't help me pass any classes! lol... plus I need a break from all these darn trailers summit keeps putting out. I'm almost surprised they havent hooked up with the CW to show a NM cip during vampire diaries! ummm let me not give them ideas.. lol soooo after my next post, you might not hear much from me.. for a least a week =)

Y TwiHershey

P.S. a lil team wolf pack love to add some heat to the post lol.. it is starting to get cold out.. hahaha [yea i know, super corny]

Bronson.. sooo cute... and he likes oreos =)

this would be that amazing jailbait pic i tried posting eariler this week!
and to make TwiRemedy happy... here's hottie Alex

**Tay & Bronson pics used from http://oh-quileutes.org/ Alex pic used from >HERE<

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