October 26, 2009

Eclipse Cast Caught at Airport

As TwiRemedy posted the other day- many of the NM cast have gone home. And she posted many pics of various cast members leaving or arriving various airports... however she failed to mention one of the hottest cast pics i've ever seen. Now i'm not just saying cause it happens to be my fav wolf.. but seriously.. SERIOUSLY i've never seen a pic of Tay looking as hott as he does in this pic... It might be the baseball cap... or the little facial hair thats trying to grow on his face? either way i love it!

I've tried for the last 30 freaking minutes to save this darn pic... so please click ---> HERE <--- to view jailbait at his finest.. seriously [if i somehow figure out ho to add the pic it will be added =) ]

and to be fair.. here's a cute/funnie/almost controversial pic of Ashley & Kellan Bear.... it almost looks like Ash doesn't wanna hug Kellan Bear?

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