October 25, 2009

Eclipse is a wrap....*update*

I'm not sure if they're coming home for good or if they're here for the weekend but Ashley and Taylor were spotted at the airport leaving Vancouver yesterday then Ashley and Kellan were spotted arriving at LAX. If they're done filming that would be a total of seven actors finished with filming instead of five. I'm guessing Nikki and Jackson should be finished as well since most of the Cullens are. Lainey reported the fight scene between Edward and Victoria is next on their schedule and the final scene filmed will be between Edward and Bella...during the night when she tried to rape him? or is it when he gives in to her and she backs down? i'm not exactly sure....her sarcasm isn't clear. Lainey also posted photos of Taylor leaving, do pay attention to his handler summit, that is a proper weave!

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