October 31, 2009

Tay-squared: my opinion

Sooo everyone knows I adore my lil jailbait. And he making quite a name for himself in the media... seems like he's become BFFs w/ the country star of the year! I was looking at some website eariler and a lot of people think all their outtings are for publicity... but do either of them really need it? We all know who T. Lautner is and who doesn't know or like T.Swift?! Personally I had my suspecisions since wayyy back at the VMAs. It was a cute comment T.Lautner made about T.Swift. But whether their just friends or whatev they would be cute. Heck i still say T.Lautner and Selena Gomez were cute.. haha but im not going to critique T.Lautner's dating history.. he can date who he chooses... just as long and they dont interfer with him filming Breaking Dawn.. that "YOU IMPRINTED ON MY BABY" scene is sure to be hilarious!!! But here's a cute pic of the Tay-squared. hope their ready for some 'robsten-like' attention and lots of questions during upcomig interviews!!!

Y TwiHershey

P.S. i totally dont approve of these pic.. but wanted to prove a point. I now understand why soo many celebs like 'Robsten' go into hiding.. so sad.

Exhibit A - why the heck is the camera all in his face... the boy is trying to drive...
this is how accidents occur in LA... *distractions* shame on u papz!

Exhibit B - umm clearly the dude on the left.. the one hanging on the car wants his toes smashed!!

>> pix from http://taylorlautnerdaily.com/ <<

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