October 25, 2009

1 interview, 2 Twilight men, numerous thoughts and comments

As I sit in the campus computer lab/library... sending e-mails and *trying* to block out all things Twilight so i can concentrate on studying, I stumbled upon this article[like i always do...] from newmoonmovie.org . Some magazine not in the USA =/ did an interview with Taylor & Rob. Very thought provoking questions! Questions that got me thinking and reflecting.. and remembering why we started this lovely blog to begin with. There's a comment Rob made [yes, i read his portions too] .. it pertains to Catherine Hardwick... and it made me laugh and feel a tad bit upset.. then i remembered... Catherine is mostly the reasoning behind this blog.. yea Stephenie Meyer wrote the books, but it was C. Hardwick's inappropriateness towards Rob that got this whole blog idea brewing. one part of the interview that i found funny was when Rob said working with Chris was more relaxing than working with Catherine. Yea.. I'm sure working with a cougar that wont let you breathe isnt very relaxing at all! Cutest Tay comment: if he had the chance he would re-write new moon so that Jacob gets the girl! awww

[this was suppose to be posted WAY back on 10.14.09... but procrastination got the best of me.. sorrie. ]

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